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Loss Songs

Healing Songs by: Karina LongHealing Songs

  • Touch

  • What Am I To Do

  • What Am I Waiting For

  • Saying Goodbye

  • Fly

  • In A Moment Spent With You

    Karina's Top 10 Healing Suggestions:

  • Re-open the gifts of memories time and time again.

  • Take walks outdoors. Get in touch with nature and remember what a wonder life is.

  • Make a memory album with pictures and special mementoes.

  • Name something in honour of your loved one.

  • Keep a keepsake of a loved one in your home. A piece of clothing, pillow, jewellery or something that makes you feel close to them.

  • Find an area outside to make a little garden in remembrance of them. Plant a tree, gather some special stones and flowers.

  • Take a moment of silence on special occasions to reflect on the goodness they brought to your life.

  • Share and copy pictures of that special someone with others who miss them too.

  • Share in memories over a dinner table on their birthday. It's o.k. to laugh with tears!

  • Make yourself a special healing c.d with songs that express how you feel. Send someone a special song during their time of need.


            "Take time for yourself and know that healing takes a lifetime."  Karina Long

Songs Of Loss

Karina Long